The Ultimate Harry Potter House Quiz
Question 1/20
You have just started shopping at Diagon Alley for the first time, what do you look at first?
The standard book of spells Grade 1
A fun magical prank from Gambol and Japes joke shop
A mysterious artefact from Borgin and Burkes you found after sneaking off to Knockturn alley
Your brand new magic wand
Question 2/20
You win a bottle of the luck potion Felix Felicis for making an outstanding antidote, when do you use it?
You give it to a friend in need
Before your most important O.W.L
Before the deciding Quidditch match of the season
You don’t because you make your own luck!
Question 3/20
How would you prefer to spend your free period?
Studying or doing homework
Playing Gobstones or Wizard Chess
Playing pranks on other students
Hanging out with your best friends on the Hogwarts grounds
Question 4/20
You are confronted by a raging Blast-Ended Skrewt that has escaped a Care of Magical Creatures class, how do you react?
You use a clever spell to distract the Skrewt so other students can escape - Ravenclaw
You immediately ensure all your friends are safe
You hide behind a nearby tree until the Skrewt is taken care of
You charge in head first and attempt to disable the Skrewt with a stunning spell
Question 5/20
Quidditch tryouts are coming up, which position do you go for?
Seeker – All the glory goes to the winner of the game…
Beater – Getting the ball to the right place is all angles and geometry
Chaser – It’s fun to be in the thick of the action and score goals!
Keeper – Someone has to go in goal…
Question 6/20
What is your preferred method of magical transportation?
Floo Powder – Quick, convenient, and from the comfort of your own home
Apparition – Requires precision, concentration, and a strong mind
Thestral – They may be strange, but they get the job done!
Broomstick – Fast, fun, and thrilling
Question 7/20
It is time to choose the O.W.Ls you would like to study, which do you sign up for first?
Divination – It’s easy to get ahead when you know what’s going to happen before it does…
Care of Magical Creatures – Learning how to tame and take care of rare and exotic animals sounds fun, and a little dangerous!
Arithmancy – A strange and divisive subject combining numbers and fortune telling? Sign us up!
Ancient Runes – You always wanted to learn a new language
Question 8/20
You recently became a Prefect and catch a student out of bed, what do you do?
Let them off, but tell them to make sure it doesn’t happen again
Explain exactly which rules they have broken, before informing them you’ll have to turn them in
You ask why they’re out after hours and forget to punish them after listening to their story
You ensure they receive the harshest possible punishment, unless it’s one of your friends
Question 9/20
You are given the chance to have a private lesson with any teacher, who do you choose?
Minerva Mcgonagall – Turning yourself into an animal would be so awesome!
Severus Snape – Bottling fame and brewing glory sounds right up your alley…
Filius Flitwick – Cheering charms are notoriously tricky after all
Pomona Sprout – Any excuse to be outside in nature!
Question 10/20
You’ve been given detention, what are you in for?
Standing up to a bully with a little too much enthusiasm
Oversleeping after staying up all night studying
Talking to your friend during class one too many times
Picking on a first year
Question 11/20
It’s Valentine’s Day and someone has slipped your best friend a love potion, what do you do?
Immediately make an antidote from memory
You do nothing and simply laugh at their misfortune
You sit with them until the potion wears off and they’re back to normal
You charge off searching for the culprit, forgetting your addled friend!
Question 12/20
You’ve managed to brew some shape-shifting Polyjuice potion, who do you use it to turn into?
Gilderoy Lockhart – A day in the life a celebrity writer sounds wonderful
Cornelius Fudge – Knowledge of the inner workings of the ministry would be invaluable for your job prospects
Viktor Krum – A chance to practice Quidditch with the best players in the world would be unreal!
Nicolas Flamel – Access to 500 years of incredible research and information would be excellent for your studies
Question 13/20
You have won an award for special services to the school, what is it for?
Saving another student from the Whomping Willow
Organizing a student benefit for House Elf right
Incredible N.E.W.T results
Outstanding performance as Head Boy or Girl
Question 14/20
You have been awarded an internship at the Ministry of Magic, which Department do you work in?
Department of Magical Education – Because you’ve got some ideas about how they could do a better job!
Who cares, as long as you get to the top of the food chain
The Department of International Magical Cooperation – Why can’t everyone just get along?!
Auror Office – You want to chase the bad guys and be on the front lines!
Question 15/20
Which magical object appeals to you most?
Invisibility Cloak – Sneaking around unseen sounds perfect
Putter Outer – You’ll always have a reading light with one of these!
Marauders Map – Think of all the mischief you could manage with this marvellous map
Remembrall – You’ll never forget anything again… unless you forget your Remembrall!
Question 16/20
The Trolley Lady on the Hogwarts express is coming around with her cart of Honeydukes sweets and cakes, what do you order?
Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans – You love a good surprise!
Chocolate Frogs – It’s all about the cards really, but the chocolate doesn’t hurt!
Sugar Quill – It’s always nice to have something sweet while you’re writing
Cockroach Cluster – Great for pranks and a quick snack
Question 17/20
You need the room of requirement, what does it transform into for you?
A place to hide something you shouldn’t have
A place to take a nice nap between classes
A place to work in peace and quiet
A place to practise duelling
Question 18/20
Tonight is duelling club, what spell do you practise before it starts?
Protego – The best offence is a good defence!
Expelliarmus – Disarm your opponent safely with a simple, but stylish, spell
Tarantallegra – You disable and humiliate your opponent at the same time with a dancing spell, perfect…
You get overwhelmed trying to remember all the spells you know and forget to act when the time comes!
Question 19/20
You have made it your mission to get into the Slug Club, how do you approach being invited?
You work as hard as you can in his potions class and ace every test and exam
Flattery, compliments, and a box of his favourite crystallised pineapple
By winning both the House cup and the Quidditch cup
By being yourself, which is more than good enough to get in!
Question 20/20
You discover the Mirror of Erised, what do you see when you look at it?
You see yourself as the Minister for Magic
You see yourself as Head Teacher of Hogwarts
You see yourself surrounded by all your family and friends
You see yourself winning the Tri-wizard tournament

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